Lucky Strike Lanes

Lucky Strike Recreation offers 2 ways to raise fund for your group, club, orginazation, charity or any otherentity that needs help raising funds.

Both ways offer the same rate: $10 per person, and the same time frame: 3 hours.  Additional rates will apply with extended time.

1 - We recommend selling tickets to your event ($25 per ticket).  An event with 100 people will take in $15 per person for your organization, or $1500.

   - Offer raffles: A $10 book of scratch tickets costs $1000.  Selling 350 raffle tickets at $20 per ticket will bring in another $6000 for your organization.

   - If your organization is non-profit and has a Tax ID number, you can receive donations from business that are willing to donate (gift certificates, movie passes, etc.)

   - Separate everyone into teams of 4, and offer prizes.  For example:  Top team receives a gift certificate to a restaurant.


2 - Bowl-A-Thon: Participants seek out pledges to sponsor them in the event for $.05 per pin, or a flat donation (recommended $10).

   - We will assist your group in scorekeeping and filling out pledge sheets to take back and collect money from pledges.

   - Offering prizes will give more incentive for participants to seek out sponsors.  For example: the most money collected, or the most number of sponsors, or the highest three string total.  Prizes can potentially be donated if your group has a non-profit Tax ID number.

   - Offer raffles